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Please take the opportunity to peruse our bimonthly newsletter, Merger & Acquisition Focus which covers many issues involved in business sales, acquisitions and mergers. You will find each issue full of valuable information about due diligence, business valuation, financing, buy-sell agreements, legal requirements, tax implications, deal structure, human resources and other aspects of these transactions.

Issue:  August/September 2008
  • Sunny days or storm clouds? A look at what's on the M&A horizon
  • Price management - Addressing an overlooked aspect of integration
  • Uncover your company's key value drivers
  • Ask the advisor - How is the dollar's declining value likely to affect the sale of my business?
Issue:  June/July 2008
  • The journey ahead - Map out succession, retirement and estate plans before you exit your business
  • New accounting rules may affect your M&A deal
  • Focus on the future - Anticipating acquisition success with strategic due diligence
  • Ask the advisor - What is a fairness opinion and do I need one?
Issue:  April/May 2008
  • Improve your turnaround's forecast for long-term success
  • Does your business measure up? Benchmarking financial performance
  • Put your money where your mouth is....Communicating effectively with M&A stakeholders
  • Ask the Advisor? How can I prepare my business for a tighter credit cycle?
Issue:  October/November 2008
  • What to do when a buyer backs out
  • Destination: M&A success - An integration manager can help get you there
  • Justifiable risk? The dangers and rewards of cross-border acquisitions
  • Ask the advisor - What do I need to consider when acquiring a business in a regulated industry?
Issue:  February/March 2008
  • Don't let fraud derail your deal
  • Buying damaged goods.....How to evaluate a distressed company's potential
  • Board appeal.....Your directors can help steer you through an M&A
  • Ask the advisor? Can a shareholder agreement prevent conflict among business owners?
Issue:  Year End 2007
  • Don't fumble your acquisition - Hidden risks could take you out of the game
  • How collars can help ensure the value of your M&A deal
  • Staying power - Retain customers after an acquisition
  • Ask the advisor - Should a business seller always accept the highest bid?
Issue:  October/November 2007
  • How to retain key employees during the M&A process.
  • Steer clear of purchase price adjustment disagreements.
  • Leveraged recaps offer a liquidity alternative to selling.
  • Ask the advisor - Should I include a go shop clause in my sale agreement?
Issue:  August/September 2007
  • Good deal or bad deal - Avoiding common mistakes when selling a business.
  • An earnout can break your price negotiation impasse.
  • Lurking dangers - Don't fail to plan for your M&A deal's tax consequences.
  • Ask the Advisor - How should my company prepare for the buyer visit?
Issue:  June/July 2007
  • Intellectual property and due diligence - How buyers and sellers should prepare
  • Use your acquisition as a tool for growth
  • Dream team - Let professionals guide your M&A deal
  • Ask the Advisor - What should I consider when choosing a lending partner for my acquisition?
Issue:  April/May 2007
  • Protecting your proprietary information - How a clean team can help.
  • Will your business be ready when a buyer comes knocking?
  • Distressed companies - Increase your chance of getting a fair market price.
  • Ask the Advisor - What factors should my company consider before acquiring a spin-off?
Issue:  February/March 2007
  • Line up your financing early
  • Measures that matter - How M&A professionals track the industry
  • Valuing C corporation assets - A potentially contentious situation
  • Ask the advisor - Is there still a distinction between strategic and financial acquirers?
Issue:  Year End 2006
  • Options for taking your company public.
  • Drafting an effective letter of intent.
  • How smart buyers view company debt and cash.
  • Ask the Advisor - How can SWOT analysis be used to aid an M&A?
Issue:  August/September 2006
  • Lock in your financial interests - Key person insurance protection.
  • After the Sale: Retirement and estate plan considerations.
  • Counting cash (flow) - How buyers and sellers arrive at different valuations.
  • Ask the advisor: How does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act affect my private company?
Issue:  October/November 2006
  • Important questions to ask before acquiring a company.
  • Who's responsible for what, when? You and your advisor's role in the sale process
  • Valuing a business for gift, estate, and other tax purposes.
  • Ask the advisor - Why should I consider an earn-out provision?
Issue:  June/July 2006
  • Win - Win, Keys to negotiating a successful M&A deal
  • When the market is right - Understanding economic cycles can help you time a business sale
  • Is industry destiny when it comes to selling your company?
  • Ask the Advisor - Aside from my company's financial results, what do prospective buyers consider important?
Issue:  April/May 2006
  • Securing your base - Ensure employee support after acquiring a company
  • How private equity can help your business grow
  • Case Study - Timeline of a successful M&A transaction
  • Ask the advisor - Is it possible to sell my C corporation without paying current taxes?
Issue:  February/March 2006
  • Intangible but valuable - A strong brand fosters growth, attracts buyers
  • Complete the deal and save on taxes - The benefits of installment sales for C corporations
  • 5 things you should know about prospective M&A advisors
  • What does it mean when it's said companies are sold, not bought?
Issue:  2005 Year End
  • Show me the money - Sources of capital to grow your business
  • What's your business worth? - It's in the eye of the beholder
  • Stock ownership plans can benefit owners, and reward employees
  • Ask the advisor - differences in selling a C corporation vs. an S corporation
Issue:  October/November 2005
  • The key to capital - Understanding how lenders & investors evaluate your company's financial ratios.
  • Avoid conflicts with a shareholder agreement.
  • Not-so-extreme makeover - Normalizing earnings makes your company more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Ask the advisor - Moving real estate into a limited partnership.
Issue:  August/September 2005
  • Why a strategic divestiture might help your business flower
  • Now may be the time to sell your tech company
  • Attract investors with your business plan
  • Ask the advisor - Acquiring a distressed company
Issue:  June/July 2005
  • How appraisers value closely held companies
  • Timing the sale of your business
  • Achieving liquidity while retaining control with a leveraged recap
  • Ask the advisor - Letters of Intent
Issue:  April/May 2005
  • Recognize legitimate red flags during the due diligence process
  • The problem with internal rate of return
  • Heading off the postmerger integration blues
  • Ask the advisor
Issue:  February/March 2005
  • Selling your private business to a public company
  • You have liquidity options besides an outright sale
  • Finding alternatives to traditional financing collateral



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